One of the many wonderful things about owning this shop is the opportunity I get to meet so many talented people! I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of them. Please meet Ken Wagel! Ken carves amazing birds! No detail is too small for Ken to include and his pieces are lovely. Please do check out this brief video introduction of Ken, his amazing story and some of the featured pieces in Abundant Living Gallery & Gift Shop.



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There is more to the story! Fifty years ago, Ken was duck hunting in the icy waters of Lake Erie. His boat broke down and he and his hunting partner spent over 6 hours drifting in blizzard conditions. Ken endured a long hospital stay and nearly lost all of his fingers to frostbite! He was faced with extensive physical therapy to heal and restore his hands. Ken decided to start carving to help regain dexterity and strength! Many years have gone by and his technique has evolved and now includes a specialized wood-burning method to create color and textures. As another interesting side note, most of Ken’s work is done using the same $10 knife that he used to create his very first bird! Take a look at some of Ken’s work!