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April is a sacred time of year for Detroiters. It’s the start of baseball season. Tiger fans are as loyal as they come. The struggles faced by the team are something everyone relates to and the joy in their victory uplifts the community as a whole. To honor this Detroit tradition, Abundant Living Gallery & Gifts is giving away a Tiger themed gift basket. We want to know how you remember the Tigers.

We interviewed one of the Tigers biggest fans. Mike Lucy shared with us his first memory of a Tigers game when he was five years old in 1976. Here’s what this Tigers fan had to say:

It was 1976. Mike Lucy was just five years old. His father brought him to Tigers stadium where Al Kaline had played for 21 years and retired only two years before. In those days, the Tigers logo was the navy circle encompassing the Tiger head.

He had already amassed dozens of baseball cards and would collect still more in years to come. “I like to reminisce about the late ‘70s, early ‘80s players,” says Lucy. Indeed, the early 1980s were full of promising talent for the Tigers: Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, Lance Parrish. Four years later, the Tigers would win the world series, making it the first time since 1968.

The city of Detroit celebrated-overzealously, in many cases. “I remember the fires that erupted downtown,” says Lucy. “I grew up in Redford by I-96. People were throwing toilet paper off the overpasses onto the freeway.” He laughs as he says this, remembering the night.

Unfortunately, 1987 would prove the Achilles heel for nearly twenty years. It was this year the infamous Smoltz for Alexander trade would take place. Many people have credited this trade with the slump the Tigers would experience, including their rock bottom year-2003- when they lost over 100 games.

“I think the only good thing to come out of those years is Cecil Fielder,” recalls Lucy. “I think if you ask any lifelong Tigers fan, they’ll say the same thing.”

Things began to look up for the Tigers in 2004. Management changes were made and then it really was on the up and up in 2006.

“I think we’ve had a good run for almost ten years,” says Lucy. “We’ve had Leland, Verlander, and Miguel Cabrera. A lot of people believe we’ve invested too much money in those last two, but we’ll see. I’ll always be a Tigers fan. I bleed Tiger blue.”

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